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Exquisite Bespoke Kitchens Handcrafted In Suffolk


At Lark Valley Woodcraft, we specialize in bespoke, luxury kitchens, marrying functionality with unparalleled style to reflect your unique preferences. Our expertise extends to every facet of kitchen creation, from initial planning and design through to the meticulous installation of cabinets and countertops, in Bury St Edmunds and beyond. Our bespoke services extend beyond kitchens to include dressing rooms and an array of personalized solutions, ensuring a cohesive and tailored approach to your home’s interiors.


A kitchen is the heart of the home, a space for creating memories. Our designs embrace this, focusing on aesthetic beauty, functionality, and a reflection of your lifestyle. From the drawing board to the final touches, we ensure that every kitchen is a harmonious blend of form and function, tailored to your specifications and lifestyle needs.



Shaker style kitchen

This kitchen design breathes new life into the timeless Shaker style. The cabinets are built in-frame, featuring delicate ‘cock beading’ that accentuates the doors and drawers. To complete the look, corner pilasters and classic cornices are elegantly incorporated. Every aspect of the kitchen is thoughtfully proportioned, with meticulous attention to scale, ensuring a perfect finish.

Shaker Kitchen Avenue Approach

Industrial style kitchen

This industrial-style kitchen combines urban edge with practicality. It features exposed brick, stainless steel elements, and open shelving, creating a loft-inspired look. The use of raw materials like metal and concrete adds a robust, minimalist vibe, perfect for those who love a modern, unconventional aesthetic with a nod to vintage industrial charm. 

Scandinavian/ Japandi

This Scandinavian/Japandi style kitchen merges the minimalism of Scandinavian design with the elegance of Japanese aesthetics. It boasts clean lines, neutral tones, and a blend of natural wood and modern materials, creating a serene, clutter-free space. The design emphasizes functionality and simplicity, offering a tranquil, harmonious cooking environment inspired by Nordic and Zen principles.

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Exquisite Bespoke Kitchens Handcrafted In Suffolk

Our Suffolk-based craftsmen excel in bringing together style and functionality, offering a spectrum of designs from traditional to contemporary and Scandinavian/Japandi aesthetics. We delve into kitchen remodelling, detailed planning, and the selection of premium kitchen fittings to ensure a seamless, bespoke experience. Our collaboration with local suppliers and British designers underpins our commitment to quality and innovation, while our expertise in kitchen layouts and space planning guarantees a kitchen that’s not just a place to cook, but a centerpiece of your home.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: Tailored to fit your space and style, from luxurious marble to bespoke cabinetry.

High-end Kitchen Appliances: Integrated seamlessly to match your bespoke kitchen’s design and functionality.

Comprehensive Service: From the initial concept and design through to the precise installation, we’re with you at every step, ensuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

At Lark Valley Woodcraft, each piece is meticulously crafted with precision and care, right here in Suffolk.


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Josh Stevens in the Lark Valley Woodcraft workshop
Josh Stevens cutting timber in the Lark Valley Woodcraft workshop