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highest quality handmade kitchens in Suffolk

As the heart of a home, we know that there’s few things as important as the look and feel of your kitchen. It’s for this reason that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we can design and install the highest quality handmade kitchens in Suffolk. Removing all of the usual limitations, we are proud to offer truly bespoke interiors that are customised right down to the kitchen joinery and furnishings.

With the capability to design and manufacture bespoke furniture, you can rely on Lark Valley Woodcraft to create a kitchen that is finished to a remarkable standard and fitted with high grade materials.

Providing you with the opportunity to hand select every last element, you can be confident that your handmade kitchen will be composed from premium timber and materials that are as durable as they are visually impressive.

Why Choose Lark Valley Woodcraft?

All built to the exacting specifications of each client, no two of our kitchens are alike. Instead, all of our projects reflect the unique inspiration and tastes of our clients. Always innovating and always rising to the challenge, our team at Lark Valley Woodcraft welcomes the opportunity to create something that allows you to create a kitchen that is specific to your particular needs and preferences. Every project begins with a design phase, where we work with you to design a working 3D drawing that you are happy with, before a single cut is made.

Thanks to our dedicated finishing booth and team of experienced craftsmen, you’ll never need to worry about compromising on the features or quality of your handmade kitchen or kitchen joinery when you embark on a project with us.



Well versed in traditional joinery

Another aspect of a handmade kitchen from Lark Valley Woodcraft that you never need to worry about is the small details. Wholly committed to perfection, our team pays close attention to each element of our installations to ensure that the details look every bit as impressive as the crowning features.

Well versed in traditional joinery, our team remain forward-thinking and adopt all of the most effective modern approaches where appropriate. This means that we can deliver everything from classic looking kitchens to more contemporary spaces depending on how you want the heart of your home to appear.

Feeling inspired and ready to get to work on creating something special? Simply get in touch by phone or by email to get the conversation started. Our team will be happy to talk to you no matter how far along in the process you are. With a wealth of experience to draw upon, we’re here to provide all of the advice and guidance you require to get moving with your handmade kitchen. We’re also happy to discuss any other questions you might have about a bespoke interior or kitchen joinery project.

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