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Dressing room & ensuite

Tanglewood, Newmarket, Suffolk

Luxurious Symmetry: A Timeless Dressing Room with Modern Shaker Elegance

Enter the essence of luxury and sophistication – a symmetrical dressing room exuding timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. The traditional shaker doors, meticulously aligned on either side, create a sense of order and balance in the space, while the hammered chrome handles introduce a modern edge, adding refinement.

Tucked around the corner in the ensuite stands the vanity, seamlessly blending functionality with style. Crafted in the same traditional shaker style as the doors, it maintains a cohesive aesthetic. However, it’s not merely furniture; it’s a retreat for self-care. A designated spot for a seat invites you to relax as you apply makeup or style your hair.

Above the vanity, strategically placed lighting illuminates your reflection. Wall cabinets offer ample storage for beauty essentials, keeping them organized and within reach, enhancing the room’s opulence. Step into this dressing room and vanity, where tradition harmonises with modernity, offering a space for beauty and indulgence without unnecessary embellishment.

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